I meet this cute girl
She makes me smile every time I see her
This girl is so beautiful girl I ever seen in my whole life
She makes me want to be with her every time
This girl has caught my heart, and she caught my eyes
Her hugs are so good, and so warm
This girl name is Jacinta procter
Jacinta ur my one and only true love
She has made my life very happy as
Jacinta you are my Cinderella

Jacinta you are my number 1 girl
You make me laugh every time I see you
Ur smile is so beautiful like a diamond shining in the sky
Jacinta Procter you are my one and only true angel

Jacinta you are my number 1 girl
We are meant for each other I mean that
Every time I look into ur eyes, I see beautiful blue eyes
Jacinta you are my baby girl in my life

Look Jacinta when you touch me it makes me so happy as
You sparks my life up, with ur love
Ur love is so true, and meaningful
You make me think of you every night, and day
Jacinta when I hear ur voice it make me happy
We could dance into the night, and being happy at the same time
You make my heart so happily in love

Ur love means a lot to me Jacinta
Jacinta you will always be in my heart 4 ever
You are a beautiful girl, and ur smile is what makes you a beautiful girl
When I touch ur skin it makes me love you even more and 4 ever
Jacinta you know I will be by ur side baby girl and I mean that
I gave you the keys to my heart, and you unlocked my heart
Jacinta ur hair shines like a diamond in the sun
Jacinta that's why ur my number 1 girl in my life
I will buy you anything, I will buy you any ring
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My Number 1 Lyrics

Jake Phillips – My Number 1 Lyrics

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