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Fly Lyrics

Jai Moi – Fly Lyrics

By jai Moi

(Chorus 2x)
You can fly
Just spread your wings baby
The only limit's the sky
Don't let no one take you down just spread your wings baby

To the people of the streets
Got no place to rest your head
You're holding on to the past don't overlook all those tests
Don't let life bump you on the side of the road
Make your own way
Take control

I know it's hard
You gotta make that first move
Gotta make that start


Stand up and hold your head up high
Don't let no one tell you you can't soar to the sky

(Chorus 2x)

[Verse 2:]
To my girls looking for love in all the wrong places
Be mindful of all those unfamiliar faces
Don't allow your light to loose it's shine
You're so unique
You're one of a kind

I know it gets dark
You gotta remember who you are
You are a star

(Chorus 2x)

When life takes you through it don't stop
Even though you might think you should just give up
Keep your praises going straight up
Cause with you he's not through
Don't fail the test you're given
Before you know it you'll be winning
Your past life will be forgiven
Baby fly

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