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See With Eyes Open Lyrics

Jahcoustix – See With Eyes Open Lyrics

I remember as a child, living in Liberia
Growing up a youth dread down south inna Kenia
Inspiration and vibes from these places
Different cultures, menthalities and faces
As a young man I travelled round Egypt's land
Giving thanks and praises inna Nyabhingi chant well
I learned to see humanity as one race
Yet I had to witness so much racial disgrace

Capitalism is an endless journey
With endless, destination sadness
A poor man can't afford an attorney
Not rights inna regime they call democracy

I can see with my eyes wide open (4x)

I always wondered how the poor people in this world
Can smile while suffering starvation
And how the rich people in this world only speak of
Human kapitulation

Capitalism is.....

I can see......

War is a moneymaker
Making the rich get only richer
For them war is an economical cure
Leaving behind the masses of the poor

I can see.....
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