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Trophy V6 Lyrics

Jaden Smith – Trophy V6 Lyrics

Girl tell me that I'm sexy, if you think I am
Alice drank the drink and pushed me in the sink again
Threw up on my Cuban links, I'll never drink again
Talkin' 'bout the ancient, woah woah girl let's bring the Incas in
Let's travel back in time and then we'll build the Sphinx again
Then we'll find some furry trees and we'll make some minks with them
What a nice Sunday
I'll get the gun out of Holden's hands one day
Until then, me and you can have a real fun day
Ridin' in a Hyundai, what? We can kick it on a runway
Please don't listen to your teachers
I'm tryna get rid of all the nonsense that they teach us
Football practice but I'm sittin' in the bleachers
Yes lord tryna make it sound like I got features, but I don't
But all the secrets, man they chillin' in the flower
I swear that I could sit and talk to [?] for hours
But you should know that movie co [?] is hourly
Speakin' to me sourly and trust I will devour
Continental drift and the next pole shift
Continental drift and the next pole shift
Continental drift and the next pole shift
I ain't worried 'bout the science, I'm just glad we coexist
Runnin' out of time, you could read it on her wrist
Picture that you missed cause I'm chillin' with your miss
If you call this coexistin'
Then you don't really know the system
If you really knew, it'd probably make you mad enough to go and freakin' choke your sister
Who killed the dang electric car? I got a broken Fisker
Me and Obi Wan Kenobi went to find Jarobi
Lowkey I'm just kinda nervous to chill with an OG
They probably wrote me down in journals as one of the greatest
So when I leave this world, I want you to make me a trophy
And when I say make me trophies don't make me no trophy
I want you to show me in gold and make me a trophy
And hopefully, you jokers'll know it's me
'Cause when I leave this world, I'ma leave with some poetry
And I'm out
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