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Ghost (Remix) Lyrics

Jaden Smith – Ghost (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: A$AP Rocky]
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky & Jaden]
If I want brand new Raf, I'ma hit up Raf
If I want Gucci bags (What?), I’ma hit Alessandro ass (What?)
If I want Louis bags (What?), I'm callin' Virgil fast (Yeah)
Kim Jones, let me pass, you payin’ too much tax
Rick Owens on my racks (Racks), Rick Owens on my racks
Rick Owens on my back 'cause Lamy threw me that
Loewe on my tag, thank you Johnny, Kate, and Mack (Mack)
Secure the diamonds on me, homie, I ain't takin' that (That)

[Chorus: Jaden]
Secure the bag for me, for me, for me, for me (Me)
I got the cash, it's stuffed in the stash that you'll never see, like geez

[Post-Chorus: A$AP Rocky & Jaden]
They 'bout to spray, in the broad day, Febreze, Febreze, Febreeze (Febreze)
My niggas is blessed and we ain't even sneezed
Capisce, like geez, Louise

[Verse 2: Jaden]
Yeah, runnin’ and runnin’ and runnin' away
It’s like we in Biscayne Keys (Keys)
Rollin' around in the wings (Wings)
When she get the keys, she say pretty please (Yeah, yeah)
MSFTS put on a fleece (Fleece)
I had to read the release (Uh)
I had to re-up the lease (Lease, uh)
Not gonna deal with you niggas, I needed some peace (Some peace)
You wasn't fuckin' with me (Me)
But then Flacko told me everybody would see and they did

[Bridge: Jaden]
Water on me, got me feelin’ like I'm drownin'
Lookin' for my lake, I think I just found it

[Verse 3: A$AP Rocky & Jaden]
The fuckin' audacity
To take a jab or a stab at me (What?)
The feelin' of feelin' a masterpiece (Huh)
Gold grill in, I'm Master P (Yeah)
On TV like half a week (Yeah)
If I step out of my buildin' this shit'll start feelin' like fashion week (Yeah)
With a new flow for the after-mes (Yeah)
Now tell them run to the factory (Hey)

[Verse 4: Jaden & A$AP Rocky]
Runnin' the factory (Yeah, yeah)
My new girl is mad at me (Yeah, yeah)
She is an actress, cheese, so I call her "Her Majesty" (Yeah, yeah)
She all in the magazines (Woah, woah)
I would be mad too (Mad), all of this accuracy (Yeah)
Sorry, I had to

[Verse 5: Jaden & A$AP Rocky]
Dance in the club for me, for me, for me, for me
She just pullin' up but please believe she finna leave
Flacko say you a C, LV bag, gotta stuff a hundred G's, yeah (Woo)
Motocross patch on her jeans, you niggas still wanna run with t-shirts (Yeah)
Find me a baby in Paris, I'm callin' her parents to get her a Visa
I'm in and out of the country, no matter what country, I throw them a lease, yeah
Yeah, we just pull up and blow out his speakers (Yeah)

[Verse 6: A$AP Rocky]
Meet with the gangsters and the tweakers
The G's who run from police (Huh)
My homies who home on release, yeah
Yeah, thanks to Kim K, they roamin' the streets
Shout outs to Obama and Meek (Uh)
Came home and then bought a Patek (Yeah, uh, yeah)
Like what do you mean? Don't roll up on me (Uh)
The heat in the jeans, please, have the same energy when we eat
Huh, bleep that shit

[Chorus: Jaden & A$AP Rocky]
They wakin' up out of they sleep (Woo)
Secure the bag for me, for me, for me, for me
I got the cash, it's stuffed in the stash, that you'll never see
I'm ghost (Woo)
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