Your everything I'm not,
You've got everything I need.
We have to give this whole thing a shot,
Even though this may sound like greed.

We could fall in love tonight,
Without thinking about tomarrow.
Truely this is quite lovely.
We could do this and be alright,
But there's no knowing if there'll be sarrow.

You complete me,
You seem to be so perfect.
Me and you don't have to be apart,
You and me can become we.


Boo I need you with all my heart,
I don't know where to start.
When you come around I could faint,
With feelings taht are painted... On my heart.


I got it bad for you,
Although it may be sad but true.
All my life I've waited for that someone,
Now I know that it's always been you.


I'm nobody without you.
If it doesn't work out,
We'll still be friends.
I just need you in my life.
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Need You Lyrics

Jacque Salazar – Need You Lyrics

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