See the hunger and the fire in our eyes
We won't play their tune or sing the lyric to their lies

Don't need the promises or the kindness of thieves
And we won't stand by idle as you're spreading you disease

Take your place there in the line
Blind, you leaders of the blind

While the kingdom slumbered
No one watched from the wall
Our enemies were plotting and they want to kill you all

For litany of lies
A coward sells his soul
Does the devil that you know bear the devil that you don't?


Tell me what's worth fighting for
Will you stand or fall?
Now's the time to have your say
If there's anything at all

Tell me what's worth living for
Can you hear the battle call?
If you won't even save yourself
Is there reason to live at all?

September sun was rising
Morning shadows crawled
Etched upon our minds that day
When we watched the towers fall

When the dust had settled
We joined our shaking hands
On bended knee with broken hearts
We swore never again

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Stand Or Fall Lyrics

Jacobs Dream – Stand Or Fall Lyrics