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Tommy Lyrics

Jacob Ray Salazar – Tommy Lyrics

There once was this kid whose name was Tommy,
Tommy grew up without a daddy or mommy Well he was 12 years old and had a heart of gold but lived on the roads He came outside with a bloody nose into the snowy cold
And his mom was screaming at him "Go Tommy Go"
But Tommy just said "No, I want to stay cuz this is my home"
She said "Tommy just go you don't know what's going on
Then the dad came out and she said "Run Tommy run, your daddy's got a gun
Your daddy's been drinking and just killed someone"
Tommy heard screaming and then he heard the gun, then he saw the cops pull up on his front lawn.
Tommy started running, trying not to turn around
But then he heard the cops, say "drop your gun on the ground"
Tommy looked and saw his dad with the gun at his head
And Tommy never forgot the last words his dad said,
"Tommy you do whatever you set your mind to,
I don't know how long it'll take but I'll find you
But until then don't let nobody tell you what to do and do what you want for you
Cuz if I die tonight I want you to know I aint go without a fight
And Imma make everything right tonight and when I die I aint want you to cry
So wipe those tears from your eye and remember what I said
And Imma come back after I'm dead
Then his dad moved the gun to the cops, away from his head,
But before he could pull the trigger he was shot dead.
Every cop shot him with at east one round
And he had twenty bullets before he hit the ground
Tommy started running now he's all alone, never looking back at his once called home
Now it's 4 years later and his feet are hurtin and burnin but he's still running scared
Running without fear cuz no one ever cared
He had to go to school just to get something to eat
But he was fightin with every wangsta that he meet
And then he got every gangster at his feet and everyone that step up just get beat
He used to carry a knife, now he carries a peace
He had to make money so he sold some weed
And now he needs some weed so his body can feed
But now he can't quit cuz the shit addicting
He can't live without it, now it's a need, and without the weed his body will bleed
A couple months later and now he quit and since he quit he aint going back to that shit
Now he's singin bout everything that he did
And everything that happened when he was a kid he's rappin bout everything his dad said and how he saw his dad get shot dead
And he's rappin how it was groin up and now everyones callin hhis phones blowin up
And now everyone gets their hands and throws em up
He's rappin so hard he wants to start throwin up
Then he gets his middle finger and he throws it up
And says wait sop I don't I give a fuck
Cuz where were you at when I was in need
Where were you at when I didn't eat and now that I made it you beggin me please
Cuz now I got everyone on their knees
I'm on the top of the stsage everyones surroundin me
I'm in the middle and can barely breathe
Now I'm standin on the world and for once it's going my way
And for once I'm beggin to see a new day
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