It's hell in the morning to look at you lying in my bed
Maybe hit by a truck, rammed by a train
Another morning after you know I'm wishing you were dead
You must be crazy 'cause you're driving me insane

You only like me because I scratch your itch
I'm just like a devil
You're just like a witch
I'm just like a devil, you're my witch
I'm too much a bastard, you just llike to bitch

You wonder why I save my dough
Then wonder why you have to pay my way
I drag my ass into work, I hate my job, you know my boss is gay
I should give you up, walk away I know I should
You're finger licking good
But the fact still remains

In the midnight hour the smell of love filling up the room
I keep my horns nice and sharp to keep you quick on your broom
You like to raise lots of hell
I like to lower the boom

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Just Like A Devil Lyrics

Jackyl – Just Like A Devil Lyrics

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