Is the place to be
But I should warn ya
'Bout the things I've seen
You don't fit in
You don't belong
Your so called friends
Will all be gone

Well, I believe
The things we say
Keep us deceived
They get in the way
We run around
We move to fast
And that's the reason
Nothings lasts

That's the reason
That's the reason
There could be no mistaking
I wanna know why I'm so uncertain
Behind the curtain shaken

Well, I don't wanna
Go out like this
Curse everybody
With an angry fist
We take for granted
What's in our past
And that's the reason
Nothing lasts


Somebody pointed out to me
'Cause I want one more chance to believe

I wanna run
Go stare into the sun
Watch the bay waves breaking
The human race awaken

I... I wanna know why I'm so uncertain
Behind a curtain shaken
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Shaken Lyrics

Jackie Greene – Shaken Lyrics

Songwriters: JACKIE GREENE
Shaken lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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