Over*the "holla holla" instrumental Dmx-*

murda I'm, the n anusy'all heard of Keep
the game tight wit, clumanati and Dura? ?? S? ??
titbe hot time, to reach the top The
i-n-c got new york on lock Let's
hit the hot spot with foxy brown Let's
go with craig g back, to uptown N
anusfucks wit us n, anusgets beatdown Remember
the theory dogs, can't drown My
s titbe bootlegged more, than any other rapper I
say f k**it like, epmd with So? ??
when the lights go out you, f k**or die And
when the cops question you you, lie or die [Chorus

]:x2 Ja
rule- Murda
murda everytime, clue be like Word
up word, up -- can't stop the murda like Headrush
headrush get, your s titright And
bounce wit the murda murda Say
what Jay-z-?

it up Jay-z
and inc bout, to lay it up Cajz(casual)
or what]]]hell yeah n, anusMy
mother fuckin name ]]]jigga jigga With
the motherfuckin]]]murda murda So
get it right don't, get it f d****up Or
I just might have to blow your motherfuckin head up Cause
I go from lyrically strong to lyrically fit And
I'm ready to s titOn
anybody who be wantin' to To
talk s titabout it Cause
I be motherfuckin jay-z And
one third of the group they, call murder i-n-c [Chorus

]:x2 Murdachild-

of n anusthat'll, turn buckwild Throw
pain to dat a for**, fuckin up the rotation (what
)?puff puff pass My
rhymes and lyrics be strictly the illest And
cause them ni z***feelin' this They
might make a album featuring, me A
freestyle or somethin with the i-n-c I'll
come through like M I. B. erase., ya memory Cause
dmx said they ain't ready for a n anuslike me Don't
forget y'all when, it comes to stackin chips To
drivin whips there, ain't no competition This
s tithere is my motherfuckin mission And
yes I, choose to accept it Me
and clumanati are about to wreck it So
yo ja rule (word)
it [Chorus!

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Murda Murda Lyrics

Ja Rule – Murda Murda Lyrics