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Rappin' Hard Lyrics

J21 – Rappin' Hard Lyrics

Rappin Hard
The "K" in Chaos
Verse 1
Hey - you know dat K in chaos? We put it dere
An if it got taken away, we wouldn't care
Cuz we's J21
That ain't funny, son
I ain't playin wit you
With what I'm sayin to you
My crew, here with me, me with them, an they n get you
My crew, and we out to get ya
My crew, and we bout to hit ya
Cuz we mad, we bad, and we gonna pick ya up
An throw ya down, cuz we ain't come to chat, we come to kick ya butt
No, I'm serious, y'all, bein for real
What it is wit you, what's yo deal?
Hey, man, we hard co
You a fat lard... Yo!
I didn't know you had a car... Oh!
That's some cheesey toy made of rope cargo

(Rappin hard)
(Rappin hard)
Y'all rap hard
Be in da backyard
(Rappin' hard)
Drums bangin loud
When da gang is around
(Rappin hard)
Rappin hard Hip-Hop
Keep goin til it stop

Verse 2
Yo!! You fake rappas betta shut yo fake trap
Cuz you can't no rap
You can't rap crap
No and they call me Entee, an adequate boy
I ain't yo average, everyday, ordinairy play toy
What do I look like? You know my name!
Errbody like and know me cuz I show my fame
Errbody know me, who's the president?
J21, Freddy, Jason, and Evil Resident?
Yea, yea!

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3
They call me Jonny Boy, that's my name
Jonny Boy
Bein a gangsta, that's my game
Dig my shoes, my clothes, and my blingy blings
Like my chains, my bracelets, and my pinkey rings
You may even know me from a handful a udda songs
Maybe even one or two where you sing along
You may know me from "Jonny Playin"
"Rap is In", "Back Again", or "Holiday Inn
(What you doin?)
(Repeat Chorus)
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