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No Consequences Lyrics

J-zone – No Consequences Lyrics

F/ Huggy Bear

Ooooooh damn I'm tired
Oh shit fucked around and overslept
Shit damn I missed a message too
Who's calling me this fuckin early in the morning

(You have one new message)
Good morning this is Nicole calling from your local government office
I am just calling to inform you that all law enforcement officials
Are off duty today and there will be no consequences for any actions
You choose to take (Oh Shit) thank you and enjoy your day

Oh hohooo

[Verse 1: J-Zone]
Put away the ski mask today there's no consequences
Do what I like with no jail time or hopping fences
Some did me wrong in the past they'll be sorry
My ex is the first to feel today's venom bitch!
Found out she cheated on me indeed that's fresh
I'm confiscating tampons till she bleeds to death
?????? I'm baggin a dope tenth grader
She looked 25 but the law let me lay her
Rolled by the precinct pumpin nwa
Back to the crib to throw my rubbers away
Cuz today I'm going raw bust a load remain kidless
Fuck aids and syphillis pulled out my hitlist
Found my slavedriver ex boss from the icehouse
Run his gear lock him in the freezer and it's lights out
Find my first grade teacher right cross and knock the dyke out
Back in the days a lot of people would annoy Zone
But I love grudges cuz you know that they avoid Zone
(Excuse me sir bathroom for customers only) Ay yo no problem
I take a leak on Broadway in broad day
Cuz pissing on trees just aint my steez
Tell the pigs to clean it????? In front of cops
Park in front of fire hydrants steal handicapped spots
Run up to Lucy Liu tongue her down and don't get smacked
Cruddy music making money I'll leave A&R's bloody
Roll through the ghetto pumpin Ice Ice Baby
Think I give a fuck it's better than the shit I heard lately
Sick of all the churches making money off the section 8
And lower class so I confiscate the collection plate
Before this day ends go visit mayor Rudy shake his hand and......
(gunshots) Proud to be a New York City resident
(Take that motherfucker)

[Verse 2: Huggy Bear]
On my day with no consequences I wrote a short list
By the time I finished how to ad lib
Free prison on aribritrary basis
Armed robbery cover back while security changes shifts
I don't care if we was six when we had beef slick
Scorpios don't forget shit
Pulled the??? Booth out it's foundation
Kill a volunteer?? For trying to fool a whole entire nation
Run up on nbc while their televised live
Make the anchor woman suck my dick for someone elses lies
Leave Pat Buchanan strangled with his neck tie
Washington D. C.. Heard my battle cry
Blowing up???? And government officals
Slave rappers on they back due to hip hop misuse
Disguised in motor grease
Stab fake thugs in the neck with they own Jesus piece
It coulda been gangsta rhymes or maybe it's because
All consequences is suspended
Beat you to death with a club if my car's rear ended
Even J-Zone caught a bullet
For being late with my beat tape I had to do it
Don't misconstrue this no allies
I wouldn't trust no man in that situation no matter how tight
Later that night?????? Rather slight
Beat a cop to death with his own flashlight
A stick of gum sticks the whip to a stick of dynamite
That's stuck in a judges tailpipe (explosion)
Do what I like an oddball leavin the site of his last odd job
With a toolbox his foreman's in a coffin
Get on the horn at one it's an all out Rosario Dawson hunt
Run up in your house
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