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False Beliefs Lyrics

J-wall – False Beliefs Lyrics

Verse One:
Why must every night feel, like I am living in hell
Caught by Satan's wrath, that is when I fell
The holy spirit, how can he be true if he did not care
He made me fall quickly, made me realize life isn't fair
I can't stand to live, in a world occupied by love
It is something untrue, there is no help above
So, listen, when I say, God is a false thing
There is no higher power, that is why I sing

Nothing there, no one to help you out
No one to help you when you shout
Some people think, that God is real
Well people, why can't you heal
It is not true, beliefs are lies
You are in pain, I see it in your eyes

Verse Two:
Listen up, you are in denial
You have believed in a God, for a great while
Well, I tell you, you've been wasting your time
In my own words, I made this rhyme
He never helped me, solved my troubles
On Noah's ark, he led them in doubles
But with us all, he did not help even one
He will not help, even when life is done

Chorus X 2
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