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The Last Third Lyrics

J-Live – The Last Third Lyrics

One two
One two
Something don't sound right
Run it back
One two
One two
One two

Nah it don't sound right, still don't sound right

For a change for a while I had the 1st third
After a while it reverted to the 3r third
Among other things she was tired of the 2nd third
Second thoughts turn in to second words
Took a second but I got the message
Took a me a day and a second but I concurred
I prefer to be alone and not preferred
I guess that's what happens to a dream deferred
Slept together shared the bed but our dreams differed
A lot of could-a would-a should-as maybe even if-as
But if a "if" would've made a difference
Two would live an afterlife so legendary
Maybe love would've been unconditional
For such a thing suggests the "if's" unnecessary
Even now writing this I use coded language
More so to save face and try to hide the anguish
So sudden looking back I could see it coming
Devastated but I ain't got time to languish
Stick out my chest and flex my back to make a
Tough hard bread for a broken heart sandwich
I hope you took enough to last till your one-way trip is done
I hope you're wise enough to not waste it on a trail of breadcrumbs

Sax solo

One two One two
Can't even do it; something don't sound right
One two One two
Nah, still don't sound right

Trial and truth
Through trials and tribulations
You were tired of my trial and error
Where lies were tried to hide
Some say to try is to fail
My nana says nothing beats a failure but to try
And what am I but a man trying to trade in one coat for another from the
Very same leopard
See a different place ever year with the same spots
Trial by fire with no double jeopardy
From the plot where your digs were doing all the building
To the twist that puts you in separate buildings
Where Mrs. Lovejoy said to think of the children
My bond is my choice of word
God forever will
And it will never be enough
Ironic cause it was never enough when our jerseys were the same
A different city in the front
Yours was light mine was dark
But our kids' replicas bare the same name
We on the same team forever scrimmaging
The chemistry diminished can never be replenished
And I do right by 'em
Reside on the other side of whatever imma remain by 'em
Reverted ten for a husband
Criminal negligence
Claim self-defense but guilty as the son of man
We're both sentenced to freedom or hard labor
To make two daughters and a son understand
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