The sooner you give, the sooner you get to have
A love of your own
The longer it takes, the better you come to know
A love of your own

(Verse 1)
Stop fakin' baby, we've known each other to long to be actin' like this, but the longer that it takes, the better you gon feel when we get high like this, yea, and I must admit that the shit's drivin me crazy, cuz I really want you to be my baby, but I already know that your not ready, so baby girl don't think I'm beggin, I'll just say,


I'll admit it baby
Just say yeah
Cuz I'ma get you high like and it's gon feel bette than ever
Say yes
Cuz I'ma take you to the sky so we can fly together
But baby there's no pressure
You can take your time
Just open up your mind
My arms are open wide (and so love you)
So what you wanna do
Baby it's ok if you aint ready
So I'll just say to you

Said I need ya baby
Oh I gotta have you baby
OHHHH my arms are open wide yea
Oh the longer that it takes
The better it grows
In love with your body
If you know what I'm talkin bout
Let me see you just wave ya hands
Yea wave ya hands yea
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A Love Of Your Own Lyrics

J. Holiday – A Love Of Your Own Lyrics