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Vanson, Dancing Theo
Downtown Brooklyn Fandom Glance at Theo
Pay the ransom get the beast of the deal
Are we on the west, or are we ny Theo
It's the man in the middle
Came outside just to dance for a little
Pandemonium Marilyn Manson Theo
Oh there go Vance and Theo
Singing like Hanson halstone handsome Theo
Man you can't cancel Theo
Ask the last dude tried to ramp theo
Came up missing
Not a hand on Theo
That's uk Theo
Back in London got the troops in the youth with Theo
Popping lucid Theo
They don't wanna dose of the truest Theo
Man you wanna hang with Theo
Just to get close got to bang with Theo
Wanna get down cuz vibes on frio
I only vibe with Heros

My mans is very loyal
They said they said he saw
Keep calm I said he'll call you
Make one move and your total

Live life baby best you can
Girl you give me the best I had

Take me baby home and sleep
Oh I want it all for me
Know my lover, know my soul
Break down baby it's highs and lows
Live life baby best you can
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