Yo vengeance fuels my engine, perplexes anger
Lately ive noticed they hate me, it makes me wanna explode on strangers
Inflict pain sure, haters will feel anguish long
Put the pen to the paper, and slaughter like Genghis khan
I dont like violence, i wish it would silence in this climate
But its vibrant, no way to hide it i riot
The government tells us fake shit, our country's only sunny i wont buy it
People working late shifts, gun shots sons shot die quick
The government lies quick, tryin to cover up crimes
Theres more police shootings police abusings, then televised
Government tells the lies, on TV and radio
They won tell you for your safety bro, phyc they just crazy bro hating those
Who sell drugs to get by, its a hard trail
If you get caught you shot, barred or jailed
On the cross your lost, mutilated nailed impaled by the U.S
It seems freedom is just a new thought, cuz theirs new stress
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Vengance Lyrics

J D.O.G – Vengance Lyrics

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