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Syrhenz Lyrics

J. Cole – Syrhenz Lyrics

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
Okay, yo, niggas don't want drama (nah)
See they talk proper, but when it comes time to spark
They all tryna catch alzheimers
You all talking no wack shit
You outta get smacked faggot
I seen harder niggas in drag
I'm bigger than that
So test me, don't even ask about it
Do the math and count it
You ain't got half the talent
Niggas laugh and doubt it
But only 'till my cash is sprouted
Put up your best track, I'll run laps around it
Yo, I'm coming for death, you running for life
Fuck a gun or a knife
My numbers is right
Enough of this hype
Let's get to it
Nigga you sick, prove it
Your style's transparent
Mr. Magoo could look through it
And it's true I'm not a thug, but I handle mines
And grammar wise you analyze, I vandalize
Which man standing trying to get branded with death
Falling off stage with a mic stand on your chest
Yo, take a number
Cause all these niggas thinking they can rumble with the rapist
Suffer from some sort of brain disorder
The rain is pouring now
Nigga check the brain storm
Won't stop until my name is embroidered on the gravestone

[Hook: ?]
The therapist boy you like collab
A pair of fist lefty
Mr. do right have's
And there's your [?]
Embarrassment, how bad too delicate for carelessness
You out your element
Syrhenz (×4)
You out your element
Syrhenz (×4)

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Loose cannon, when I shoot amateurs
Truth [?]
Ain't a crew standing can do damage
This shit is rock solid
Niggas bark harder than rottweilers
I rock polish, I spit top notch
You rock bottom
Assed out, my raps similar to a crack house
So dope these niggas take two puffs then pass out
Relax now, never back down
When the bells rung, cause I serve beef raw but well done
You can tell hell where I hail from
The reigning champ, main event rhyming
Y'all still in training camp
Fucking with me so you gotta be nice
But you got better odds trying to hit the lottery twice
Nucka, stop the nonsense or get knocked unconscious
The rhymes I'm designing is monstrous
My arsenal bomb shit
Got the haters loving it now
Watch my shit hit the ceiling
'Till it's covered in brown


[Verse 3: J. Cole]
The therapist leading the pack
Type of cat to ball
You call without asking, no bringing it back
I'm made checking
Place your wages and bets
The stakes is raising
If you ain't gotcha money on me, you brain's defecting
Pains ejecting, whenever my name is mentioned
The games is lynching, hang and hitch me
This natural instinct
More than half you faggots against me
Now watch as I turn this beat to minced meat
Case closed, snap souls along with pesos
My entire camp play cold, below the waist blows
Never take no for responses, I'm word boxing
You [?] watch as I flip and take the world hostage

[Bridge: J. Cole]
The therapist niggas
Yo, you out your element
What the fuck niggas thinking 'bout
Yo, check it, yo
You out your element
Yeah niggas, yo you out your element
What the fuck ya'll niggas thinking 'bout

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