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Need U Bad (Remix) Lyrics

J. Cole – Need U Bad (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: J. Cole]
Yeah, what's good baby?
Shit, I ain't seen you in a minute
Now you wanna' hit me

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
Shawty I'mma tell you something you don't wanna' hear(yeah), hear(yeah), hear(yeah)
You threw a nigga to the curb
I fronted like I didn't even care(yeah), care(yeah), care(yeah)
But deep down
I needed your umbrella couldn't make it through the rain(yep), rain(yep), rain(Yep)
So I been fuckin' everthing in this town trying to run from the pain, pain, pain
And now suddenly you say you wanna chat, but what is that?
You feel like Kobe, like I'm Shaq
Look how you need a nigga back
You burned my heart up like some chronic
Now you say you want it once mo' but what fo'
You did me dirty like some must
So shit why would I?
Plus my niggas know you played me so how could I?
Nah fuck trynna look cool I ain't nobody's fool
I sang the blues for like four months
Now you wanna show up?
You saying that you feenin' for me screaming to me
Boy I need you bad

[Hook: Jazmine Sullivan]
Boy I need you bad as my heart beat (Bad like the food I eat)
Bad as the air I breathe (Baby I want you bad)
I need you bad I can't take this pain (Bad I can't take this pain)
Boy I'm about to go insane (Baby I need you bad)
I need you(I)
I need you(I, I)
What I gotta do? (Baby I want you bad)
I need you(I)
I need you(I, I)
Do it all for you (Baby I need you) Hey

[Verse 2: Jazmine Sullivan]
Baby there's nothing I wouldn't do
To get back what we had when love was true
No lie, I'd give up all I got
Just so I can get back in my spot

[Hook Repeated]

[Verse 3: J. Cole]
Oh, you want me bad how the cops want black folks
Bad like Dirty Diana
Bad like black toast
Bad like sour lactose like that crack smoke
You feenin'
Left a nigga out to dry like some semen
Baby deaded me
Was far from a dog I had no pedigree, Unh
No leash needed
You ripped up your lease speeded out the crib
Now I'm supposed to just forget and forgive
Pardon, you say I'm your heart
But baby how bad do you want it, want it?

[Outro w/repeated Hook: Jazmine Sullivan]
When you want him so bad and you gotta get him back say Oh-oh,oh,oh(Oh-oh,oh,oh)
Cuz' it won't get no better til' you are together say Oh-oh,oh,oh(Oh-oh,oh,oh)
If you believe in ya love and you can't give him up say Oh-oh,oh,oh(Oh-oh,oh,oh)
If there's nothing you won't do to get back with your boo say Oh-oh,oh,oh(Oh-oh,oh,oh)
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