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I Got It Lyrics

J. Cole – I Got It Lyrics

Yeah, Hey, Warmup
Hey yeah
J. Cole, cause I got it yea
Hey warm up, yea hey uh yea
Cause I got it

[Verse 1]
I remember me and my niggas goin' hard on that BlackPlanet shit
Was finna go to college, need a BlackPlanet chick
While you was playin' hard like a BlackPlanet Crip
Talk that shit in real life I had to backhand a bitch
Remember back in '99 my favorite rap Canibus
Bomm Sheltuh was the shit, Nervous Reck and the clique
Put the battery in my back, gamme' the gat and the clip
Now these hoes want a nigga phone number and a dick
'Memba back in '98 that's when I first planned this shit
Watch when I hit the streets these new niggas can't exist
When ya'll was wearin' rap diapers I was tearin' down cyphers
This ain't no overnight I put in time like a lifer
'Memba back in middle school they used to think that I was hyper
Now I throw the Ritalin in my flow, get 'em hyper
Watch for vipers, that girl is a snake
He gon' wife her, shit
You know powder blue suit, white Nike her
Hey she that nigga leftovers
You the microwave
The bitch done seen more clubs than Tiger, (aye)
Get a driver plate, while he drive away
Yea you was almost fly but your flight delayed
A little late boy
Me and my niggas been eatin' off little plates boy
And yeah I'm hungry so trust me don't feel safe boy
This is Carolina's finest
I'm high without the marijuana, honest, I promise

Yeah, Fayettenam
Yea, you know that I got it
Yea you know man
I'm a sure shot right now homie, I got it

[Verse 2]
Ay 1996, my own room now, I'm hangin' posters up
Holes up in the wall my stepfather said I ain't supposed to
But I'm hoop dreamin', hangin up pictures of my idols
Jordan was like Jesus, SLAM was like the Bible
I used to read it twice and cut the pictures out
Had the Jordan free throw dunk tongue stickin' out
Focused tryna' figure out, should I leave it here or move it there
Even hung them shits on the ceiling
I had to use a chair
Cause I was only like eleven, ain't even had no pubic hair
Told my mama when I make the league I promise you a crib
And I meant it, was ill wit the pill
Real skinny nigga, you couldn't tell me I wasn't a little Penny nigga
Pictures of Reggie Miller, even David Robinson
Kobe with the half-fro Stackhouse and Iverson
Was all over, reflectin' my life, boy, you heard me
Top it off I throw on my Carolina jersey, fo' real

Nigga, I thought I was going To Carolina Nigga (I got it)
I coulda swore I was gunna be a Tarheel, Nigga, Dean Smith Nigga, You know?
It didn't take long though,Figured I'm not balling my nigga

[Verse 3]
Look I'm 13 now ain't shit the same
Yea nigga still hoopin' but the shit done changed
I got a new love, addicted to rhymin' it's like a new drug
Plus a nigga sick with it
I'm fuckin' whole crews up
And all hell, I started studying my idols
Pac was like Jesus, The Source was the Bible
I used to read it twice and cut the pictures out
I know my Mama wonderin', what the fuck is this about
Cause all that basketball shit on my wall was gone
Replaced it with pictures of some rappers with firearms
And plus a couple posters of bitches posing in thongs,
You niggas was mowing lawns I was in here writing songs PUT ME ON
I just wanna be the best for real
I wasn't doing it for no money or no fuckin' girls
Back then I knew I was the nicest nigga in the Ville
Right now I feel like I'm the illest nigga in the world
The World world word

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