She's a bopper man

A bopper girl with bopper friends
On her bop phone making bopper plans
Watch as she doin her bopper dance
Man there's so many boppers I just can't count
Caught her out on the avenue spending large amounts
Used to rock a gold chain with a grill in her mouth
Got a big ass booty like she was from down south
In and out every club or pub cuz she got love at the door
Is that girl a bop?
And there she go
Everyshow every new hot spot?
And there she go
Got a bops mentality with short bop hair
In them bop ass jeans be boppin it everywhere
Can't take her nowhwere new cuz she already been there did that
Graduated from a hood rat to a bonefide head doctor

She's a bopper.
Ima tell you how to spot a bopper a bopper girls got bop-binoqulars
A trendy store bought purse but not hers
And all of the hot gossip she got first
But I aint tryna hate cuz her head games propper
Jocker after jocker tryna knocker
The loftier the offer now ya got her
Na she's not a gold digger
She's a bopper
And a bop doesn't bop for doe
She bops for the love of the bop the plugs and the spotlite
Hugs in the parking lot like she like
If he poppin right she boppin day or night
Pop till the wheels fall off
Bop till them heels fall off
She cops the pills then she's off
A minute later she pops the pill then she's off
But if you aint got it then all deals are off.
She's a bopper
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Bop Lyrics

Izz Thizz – Bop Lyrics

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