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The Better Of Two Evils Lyrics

Izegrim – The Better Of Two Evils Lyrics

Another war in another time, the essence is the same
Since medieval times we have played this gruesome game
We pretend to hate this culture, and they're eager to defend
Yet we, with our western attitude, still don't comprehend

It is our divine duty, to re-colonize this world
Impose to them our morals, and civilize these hordes
A conflict of opposing doctrines, or of wealth against the poor
We must defy them them, God bless our holy war

As we increase our dominance, be sure they will fight back
Since they can't defeat our forces, they seek new means to attack
We ventured in a bee hive, where the enemy is all around
A woman or a six year old, we should all gun them down

How can you choose between two evils?

Human rights are senseless, and they ruin our game
Bend, then break their spirit, the evil must be contained
They deserve no justice, these prisoners without name
And with help from God Almighty we will eradicate this stain

Are they desperate, or are they truly brave
Are they just retarded, or protective of their faith
One thing is for certain, no-one will be safe
Because they will rather die than be enslaved

Do you think a piece of desert is what you're fighting for
As we're heading straight towards an Orwellian World
The first signs of Armageddon, two evils aim for war
And this is just the beginning of what we will endure
I am sure
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