Staring at you with my eyes
Oh are you in disguise?
I can feel these butterflies
That are hiding from you in disguise 

Oh I just met you
Would you like to
Know me better
I just met her, I know I want to know her better 

My first crush went a little like this
Running around chasing after your kiss
Oh how you look so swish
Your my shooting star wish
Your my shooting star wish

Walking Talking everything is fine
Would you like to date me and dine
Wondering if you like me
Well time will pass and we will see 

Oh dear diary she makes my world feel better
Well what do you know I just met her
Now I know this will get even better later


I think I want your American tan
I think I'm gonna be your biggest fan

[Chorus x2]
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My First Crush Lyrics

Izak Hannard – My First Crush Lyrics