Will and being equalized
Total fucking purity
Humanity always disgusted
With good goddamn reason

Against the draw of the tranquilized
And there's really no obscurity
Mankind always too blind to see
Their order's self-inflicted treason

The harvest's to come
Fucking gracing of these macelands
Monstrosity to roam
A return to original Justice

As the roaches thus prepared
For when this world fails

Materialized soulwize fascism
No good or evil when there's blood
Ascension toward the core
God's infinite murder and eternal love

Residues of weakness ever laid in the open
Grabbing the state of perfect control
Your devil's just collective fiction
As one of many I fulfill my role

Black virtues dark nobility
Always yearned away from the herd
Cool calm tranquility
Eradication of an entire world
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Ancient Spirits Are Lyrics

IXXI – Ancient Spirits Are Lyrics