Verse 1: a little curious about your curves about your touch I love love love the way you looked at me when your back was bent slightly-you button down your dress slow down don't rush on this just wait wait wait so we can make the most of this right now

Chorus: a-b-a-b-c-boned cheek-boned and I'm alone now baby
Cause e-l-lizabeth has been this way has been this way for
A far far too long

Verse 2: oh if I had a chance... chance give me just one more chance
I would look you in those eyes and walk away I'd walk away babe-but it's your raspy voice haunt haunt haunting me
And I think I think I think I think and I cannot sleep without a little more whiskey

Bridge: and you slipped off that dress well alright now all night baby. you make me crazy but it's been too long and you're lost now
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Ivory – ABC Lyrics

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