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[Intro: ITSOKTOCRY & Yunggoth✰]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[?], wha
Wha, wha
Yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, wha, uh)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Yunggoth✰]
All you motherfuckers hating on my clique, huh? (Huh?)
Why the fuck you hatin' on my shit, huh? (Huh?)
I don't give a fuck about you bitch, nah (Nah)
All you lil' bitches on my shit

[Verse 2: Yunggoth✰]
Let me skrrt off with the whip
I be movin' with the clip
I can't feel my fucking self
But I feel her fuckin' clit
Yea, I'm in it, talk wack
I be countin' hella Yen
Shoutout Japan
Shoutout yo' hoe
I'm killin' these hoes
I'm whippin' that pint
Skrrting off, with your hoe on the highway, highway
All the bitches know that it's my way, my way
Skrrting off on the fucking highway, highway
All you bitches know that it's my way, my way

Lookin' at me now, 'cause I am the shit
Everyday finneser, finna' pull yo' bitch
I been [?] so I might see bitch
Lames to hella [?]
Can I sign the kit?
When I [?]
[?] the [?]
Now that I'm a [?] I go hard
Purple [?]
All these rappers needing help
I'm so sick I throw a floss
The money getting colder
And the [?] to [?]
Shut my cascet, throw the roses

[Verse 3: Yunggoth✰]
Skrrt (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Skrrting off, with yo' hoe
Yeah, yeah, yeah
All you bitches wanna know my name, yeah, yeah, yeah
Everybody know I'm fucking [?], yeah, yeah, yeah
I ain't playin' no fucking games, no, no, ey
Let me skrrt off in your fucking pussy, bitch, yeah, woah
Watch me go in [?]
All you bitches know me
Got the grass, 'cause it's icy
In the cut, with your [?]
I be killin' the game
All you bitches are the same
I be goin' hella hard
I go [?] on my top
Fuck you bitches, I be in, I be in, in, ah
Shoutout the bloggers
I be [?], 'cause I'm going hella [?]
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