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Pathetic And Hopeless Lyrics

It's Like Love – Pathetic And Hopeless Lyrics

Brought it up again
Smashed me right to the ground
I'm not down, I'm just indifferent
When I'm alone I'm such a mess
Well, I wont wait forever, she said
So make up your mind
Oh my God, are you joking?
You're the only thing in this town that's holding me back

When we were young
We had our eyes wide open
I wont even try
Because my hearts still broken

I still drag you down
I'm pathetic and hopeless
I wont make a sound
Because I know I drag you down

Play it back again
One more time for the record
(Make up your mind)
Well, do you really mean it?
(Play it one more time)
Do you really think I'd throw my dreams away forever?
Well, are you serious?
Could you please stop talkin
I see you lips movin
But all I hear is blah blah blah

Jump on a plane and jet off to Rome
Just keep traveling around
Hope you never find home
Don't worry about me
I don't stay mad for long
If you see me again
I'll be singing this song, yeah

Weigh you down, yeah
I still weigh you down

Jump on the plane
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