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Play A Simple Melody Lyrics

Irving Berlin – Play A Simple Melody Lyrics

Part 1: (speak unless * is there
Wont play a simple melody
Just like my mother sang to me
*she sang she sang to mee* (smooth)
One with good old fanioned harmony
Why don't you play a simple melody
*a simple melody a simple melo-* (smooth)
(Now go straight into singing 2)

Part 2:
Won't you Play A Simple Melody
Like my mother sang to me?
One with good old fashioned harmony
Play A Simple Melody

Part 3:
Musical demon, set your honey a'dreamin'
Won't you play me some rag?
Just change that classical nag
To some sweet beautiful drag

If you will play from a copy of a tune that is choppy
You'll get all my applause
And that is simply because
I want to listen to rag

Part 4:
My heart is palpitatin'
From all this syncopation
When I hear a ba-_nd
And when I'm with my honey
My feet start actin' funny
When I hear a band
It's really not surprisin'
My temp'rature keeps risin'
When I hear a ba-_nd
So pardon all my swoonin'
My crazy way of croonin'
When I hear a ba-_nd
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