Break down the walls, which hide my destiny
Earthly prisons, and chains that bind the sea
Titan mountains, shattered dreams vast and far
Guard the only window, gateway to the stars

Elemental boundaries-Earth, Water, Wind, and fire
The eternal heavens, to which there is none higher
The surreal horizon, which Icarus tried to fly
Never to burn my wings, for I shall burn the sky...

Can you get the fire burning?... Will you try?
Will you be a mindless soul, or will you burn the sky

Passion and possessions, are restrictions of the mind
What I am searching for, and what I leave behind
So we sit, and only take what's given
Never to dream beyond, or ask for what is hidden

Sweltering heat of roaring passion... grow with time
Will you cower at imminent end... or will you burn the sky

So many times we're told, that it can't be achieved
Forced-fed and brainwashed, to things we should believe
Chained with emotions, bound to a false reality
No vision of what lies beyond, a hazard fantasy
No passion to press onward, thriving for supremacy
Sparking life of creative minds, the key to immortality

Never shall I believe, restrictions other say
Smashing through these walls, and obstacles in my way
Cursing my soul, for ideas that passed me by
Grabbing the reigns of my dreams, it's time to burn the sky

Feed the savage flames... or commit deicide
Will you become a God like me, and start to burn the sky
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Burn The Sky Lyrics

Iron Man – Burn The Sky Lyrics