The break of dawn brings forth, the tragic completion of rupture.
It feels as though nothing is what it seems, nightmares overwhelm my dreams.
Causing this, nauseating feeling inside my gut.
At night, cruel are these dreams which I envision throughout my mind.
As we lay intertwined here, enshrouded by the feeling of placidity.
Every aspect distinguishably as clear as could be, and I never felt more alive then when I dream of you.
The irony of it all leads to questioning, and thus brings on fear.
My thoughts clouded with uncertainty.
I am at battle with my inner demons.
I remember the contours of your lips, graciously pressed so tightly against mine.
Now, I'm left to wonder.
Uncertain these nightmares are in fact a dream.
While you slept I crept up to your room, careful not to make a sound.
I marvelled at such utter beauty, the unstableness maddening.
I carve through your abdomen, witnessing your eyes fade from brown to grey.
The surge brought me to my knees, as I permeate your chest plate, and now, feel the true meaning of having your heart ripped out, straight from your chest cavity.
Wither and die away already.
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The Surge Lyrics

Ion Dissonance – The Surge Lyrics