[Verse 1]
Lucians does only play their mass once a year
But dem politicians always playin mass down here
And this year is no exception
I hear they forming a band to join de celebration
This band go be real tight
Colours go be so bright
Each politician leading a section
Rufus leading, Taiwanese section
Guy leading, de poodle section
Estephane leading, de banjoman section
Marcus, he eh have no section

Chorus [X2]
Dem playing de mass
Politicians playing de mass
All ah dem just playing de mass
If you see dem playing de mass

[Verse 2]
They don't have to worry about safety,
Mayers go provide security
And we all know de Pitbull already,
All he boys go be jumping wit he.
From de house of assembly,
Mass start already
You could swear that they mad, they getting on bad!
Wam to dem! ?
Alva leading, de rebel section
Arsene leading, de kiddies section
Dalson leading, de piton section
Stevenson, he is de King of de bands!

[Chorus] X2

[Verse 3]
De route eh have no pothole
A&M have dat under control.
I hear dat is fatman Alan
Want de whole of Soufriere to join his section
Chou sponsor already,
Leaders get they money,
Those who serving? everyone in VIP
Mondesir leading, tuxedo section
Ezekiel leading pibunun section
Nicholus leading de judges section
Tessa is de flag woman

Chorus [X4]
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Stay In Your Section Lyrics

Invader – Stay In Your Section Lyrics

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