Magic beans!
[Baker's wife]
No one would have given him more
For this creature.
Are we to dispel this curse through deceit?
[Baker's wife]
If you know
What you want,
Then you go
And you find it
And you get it-
[Baker's wife]
Do we want a child or not?
And you give
And you take
And you bid
And you bargain
Or you live
To regret it.
Will you please go home?
[Baker's wife]
There are rights and wrongs
And in-betweens-
No one waits
When fortune intervenes.
Amd maybe they're really magic,
Who knows?
Why you do
What you do,
That's the point:
All the rest of it
Is chatter.
Look at her. She's crying.
[Baker's wife]
If the thing you do
Is pure in intent,
If it's meant,
And it's just a little bent,
Does it matter?
[Baker's wife]
No, what matters is that
Everyone tells tiny lies.
What's important, really is, the size.
Only three more tries and we'll have our prize.
When the end's in sight,
You'll realize:
If the end is right,
It justifies
The beans!
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Maybe They're Magic Lyrics

Into The Woods – Maybe They're Magic Lyrics