You get this feeling, you've been here before
But can't acknowledge the feelings source
Believed the bearer, of the Mirror Shroud
That it would help you, make Quicker Ground
The feelings take your emotions away
You're Leaving this shell, it's judgement day
Now Can You fight it, controlling the force
To kill what hurts you, Run nature's course

Your mind is taken
By the mirror shroud
Somebody save you
From the mirror shroud

You get the scent now, you feel him draw near
This was your brother, you held him dear
Your thoughts remind you, of your life before,
The darkness consumes, your ravaged core
As mankind descends, to his inner self
The demon awakes, to show himself
So Can you slay him, your brother awaits
Are you so possessed, your die today

Your mind is...

Find your escape soon or be damned forever
Now As you face him, he's shedding a tear
For once he knew you, and held you dear
His words come to you, talk you around
Dismissing his pleas, you take him down

Your mind is...
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Mirror Shroud Lyrics

Intense – Mirror Shroud Lyrics