Reflections shifted, masochistic
A glow to light up the room
New-crowned beauty
Christian duty, plotting to escape
Forever doomed

Neck-restrained daughter
Endless slaughter
Hooked lung, stolen breath, cunt
Passion thickens
Pleasures forbidden

Every time world savior shows
Persecution soon follows
Crucifixion lets the blood expand
Genitalia, nothing less
Than a man, understand
Duty of this Christ
Frees forever beyond the light
When worn separate, reality blends
Past the mere flesh of barbed artery
How then, heated abstinence
Frees the spine
Unleashing your mind
Stone-cold bitter razor, now
Growing inside, extinguish fluids
Beneath this fire, sudden restraint
Soften beauty, known virginity
A time has shown seraphic streams
Pollute those close to copulation
Try to discourse, image running
Through class forms
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Lundgren/Crucifixion Lyrics

Integrity – Lundgren/Crucifixion Lyrics