Trapped inside a life on which you've got no control
No hope is left in your heart
Confined to a cage you've slowly built on your own
You feel the whole world's a lie

There's only one thing that you trust
It guides you through your way
Blinded by it's web of lies
You still have never seen

We want to help you rise above the stars
And find the key
Will you open your eyes before it's too late
And find the key

Hiding in a shell in which you're the only one who's right
And all of our words sound untrue
You believe in these distorted visions of the world
Convinced you lead a worthless life

Ain't there a part of you
That screams something is wrong?
Don't you want a new life?
Right now it's your turn to wake up and make a stand
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The Key Lyrics

Instanzia – The Key Lyrics