There you are, down on your luck
Dark thoughts keep surrounding your mind
Escaping from reality you believe it's the only way

Your wall feels like it's indestructible
And light seems out of reach

You believe it would be much better
Down below and free from yourself
Escaping from your burdens is your only dream
Deep within

Your will needs to be unleashed
So light spreads all around your soul

It's now time for you to leave the past behind
And just believe

The strongest power lies deep in your heart
Free it from it's cage and make it shine
Now live your own life with faith in yourself
The strongest power is the power of the mind

From the ashes you were born again
Your inner demons went back to hell
Now teach the world to be strong and wise
And to never surrender
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Power Of The Mind Lyrics

Instanzia – Power Of The Mind Lyrics