Do you know how it feels
To have come so far
Just to get shot down
And left to drown?
'Cause I've come so far
And I need you now
Yes, it's true...
So pull me through

And get me out of this.

[Pre-chorus 1:]
I never hurt you
Baby, tell me, is it what I didn't do?
I'd never hurt you, yeah
Without you, I'm...

I'm dying, please give me one last breath oh,
To pull me through it
Please, just give me one last breath while
I'm contemplating, and I'm wondering:
If you gave me one last breath, oh,
Would I suffocate again?

...I'm suffocating.

[Pre-chorus 2:]
You were my everything
Everything that I ever wanted
But you've got me wounded again...
Without you, I'm...


So are you gonna watch me die
Or just walk on by?
Don't tell me you don't need me
Cause I know you do.

Give me one last try
And I'll get it right
I swear I'll get it right
This time...

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Asphyxiation Lyrics

Inside Out – Asphyxiation Lyrics