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Forever Alone Lyrics

Insania – Forever Alone Lyrics

[Music & Lyrics: M. Korsback]

[Solo: Both]

Look into his eyes, What do you see?
There's nothing but lonelyness and sorrow.
He's crying in pain, But there are no tears,
There are no good things, no tomorrow.

He has forgotten how to smile, And how to live,
He is disappointed at god, But will he forgive.

He'S searching for love,
But nobody gives him what he needs,
He'S crying in lonelyness, forever.
He'S searching for friends,
But nobody seem to care at all,
He just has to live alone, forever.

[Solo: Both]

I know he's still out there, Living alone.
He lives by the storm and heavy weather.
He waits for the day, When he is to leave.
He knows he won't be alone in heaven.

He lives his tearless life, He lives with his hate.
Will almighty god let him in, Or is it too late?

[Solo: Dahlin / Juhano / Both / Juhano / Both / Dahlin]

[Repeat: Chorus]

He just has to live alone, Forever alone.
He's crying in pain, But there are no tears-
Forever alone.

[Licks & solo: Korsback]
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Songwriters: M KORSBACK

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