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Ninja Lyrics

Insane Clown Posse – Ninja Lyrics

What the hell's a ninja?
(ninja's possess a superior skills of ninjitsu, mu'afucka')
It is a branch os a Japanese samurai, a very old organization
Its origins are hundreds of years old, much of its history is being lost
not many ninja's exist today, yet they all have indomitable fighting skills
as a part of ninjitsu
(ninja's of the indomitable fighting skills, of a ninja, a ninjer, a
mutha'fuckin' ninja)
no matter what weapons you use, a ninja will never die!
Damn I wish I could be a Shokon Samurai
so I could swing a sword and make necks fly
I'd go to school and ninja-crawl through tha halls
n' then I'd jump out n' stab bitches in the balls
'cause I remember these kids from tha playground
everybody'd hang around, we were all down
but then we grew up, n' everybody turned away
n' now they dissin' me, yellin', "fuck Nerdy-J"
I sit n' think at how it changed as I got olda'
as I think I draw a ninja on my folda', Ugh
what I would do if I only had a ninja sword
you'd see blood start flingin' on tha chalkboard
I'd tell tha whole class, "nobody move a jiggle,
first one that do I'll make yer fuckin' neck wiggle."
everyone wold start jockin', tha news would take my picta'
DAMN I wish I could be a ninja
Damn I wish I could be a ninja, ninja(X3)
Damn It'd feel good ta see people applaudin'(allX2)
After I was done killin' all tha yuppie fucks
all tha poor kids would come n' swing from my nuts
and I would walk home feelin' like a Samurai
I'd walk in tha house, and see my momma cry
I's ask why, she'd point to my drunkin' pops
he tried ta hit her again, but that shit STOPS
I kick him in his throat, you hear his neck break
I throw a roundhose and knock his beard off his face
I tell him, "Dad, now look at all your broken glass,
why don'tcha pick it all-up n' stick it in yer ass."
I watch him do it, "Now hurry up ya take fo'eva'."
when he was done I'd squeeze his butt-cheeks togetha'
"Now get tha FUCK out my house, neva' come back!"
I throw a chinese star, stick him in his ass-crack(Ahhhh)
I turn to my mudda, "I'm sorry that he hit'cha!"
DAMN I wish I could be a ninja
(repeat chorus)
If I could be a ninja, my daddy'd be dead, but
I still gotta go ta work, n' pay tha rent
I flip frenchfries for $2.25
Mr. Donny works here he's fuckin' 45
but he'd think he "da' shit" 'cause he's da' boss
I guess he don't know that his life is a loss
I walk in....about 5 minutes late...
'cause I was tryin' ta clean tha blood off my ninja blade
so, Mr. Donny want to try n' get up in my face
screamin' at me, sweatin' ova' this place
mad 'cause I'm late, he's no betta' than me
just another bitch workin' for next ta' free
I thought him out, takin' money, just steal
n' cuttin' up his body, n' fry him on tha grill
but he's too fuckin' wack, n' I could kill dis bitch
n' I don't even need ta be a ninja
(repeat chorusX7)
Yeah, Yeah I'm a ninja, Yeah
FUCK that, I'm a Wicked Klown BITCH, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
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