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Let It Rain Lyrics

Insane Clown Posse – Let It Rain Lyrics

Looks like rain
Sittin down in my crackhouse, earnin my pay
It's the Southwest Jugglette claimin' Del Ray
Violent J
I'm known by the gang squad and police alike
I'm known to get wrong off the get right
Hangin' out the truck I blow the moss burg off
Who da head of yo set?
I'll blow yo boss shirt off
I'll be the top dawg killa
Who da bomb don?
You're soft like a Bon-Bon in you're Sean John
I'm ridin' durrtay up and down a Ford Escort
I'm in a re-mastered gold super-sport
And it's about to rain
I see the weather bad
I hit the top on up like I
Better had
I cut back to the cut to get a cut of my cut
'Cause even in a hurricane a crack-head'll show up
I be da gang tag K-er
Gay-fag slayer, bag-weighter
With a sweet street-sweep ak
I don't care
I like the darkness
It's bout to helly flow
Tornado sirens
Let it rain wicked shit
It's borin' man
I'm smokin a blunt
It's pourin' rain
The hood's soakin it up
But it's gettin' kinda windy and the walls are shakin
Fuckin' roof's comin' off I'm in a lazy-boy bakin'
I see the crack-heads try to reach the porch
But the wind sweep 'em off before they get to the door
They only 90 pounds
Grab somethin' held down cause you're lookin' funny flyin' around
Blunt wrap on my lap
Ash all over me
Playin' Nintendo
Mega Man iv from '93
Shudders are shakin and the lightnin' is frightenin'
Fuckin' windows are breakin'
Man, I'm thinkin' it might be a tornado
Go to the door open it up...
All the same back to my game
It's all right
As long as that motha fucka stay outside
I'm tight
[Chorus:] x2
Holy fuckin' shit! What the fuck is happelatin'?!
The whole house spinnin' and shakin'
Damn near breakin' in half
I take it and laugh cause what the fuck can I do?
I put the rocks in my socks so I don't loose them too
I'm fuckin hangin' on
I lost all but drawers
Somehow my game's still good, chillen on pause
We airborne and in the windows flayin' past by are crack-heads
Wavin' at me still tryin' to buy
Mail boxes, a pizza man, some garbage cans, then I seen a naked, ass-bitch Like
There was all kinda crazy shit caught in the storm
But before long, all the shit was gone...
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