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I Stab People Lyrics

Insane Clown Posse – I Stab People Lyrics

I stab people, 4 or 5 people every day
I tried to see a shrink to stop that shit
But there aint no fuckin way
I stabed em, this nurse and his fuckin cat
Stabbed em, stabbed em all like that!
I stab people I know, I stabbed alex my mannager
He was like what tha fuck!
I stabbed em in the gut!
I order food just to stab the guy when he gets there
I don't care, I stab anybody anywere
I stabbed the mailman he was pissed
He tried to mase me
I'm too quick with the stab, come on come on chase me
I stabbed twiztid, jamie madrox, I stabbed em
Myzery stabbed me, ahh God damn em
I stab old people, old ladies, little kids, I don't give a fuck
I stabbed the fat guy in the butt, hehe what
I stabbed pete rose, I stabbed em twice in his nipple I'm violent j and I stab people

Maybe somebody can help me (4x)
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