Walking through a town of blood and fire
Happy to be still alive
You remember how it was before
When the flowers grew up brighter
And the sun above your eyes
Was lighting the landscape you adore

Everything is now much darker
Evil has stolen colours of life
Keep yours in your mind, be stronger
While you see what husbands do to their wives
Behind the grid, how can you just fight?

You loved him but now your life is over
There is nothing to regret
Til you recover the right of speech
They have killed all of your sisters
It is too late to forget
Don't think of a joy you'll never reach

Feel the wind of freedom blow now
Time to revolt has rung, follow the light
The dove will dismiss the crow
Keep on singing cos you know you are right
Behind the grid, lift your fist and fight

Behind the grid, you can fight
Lift your fist up high
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Behind The Grid Lyrics

Inner Visions – Behind The Grid Lyrics