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Look Mama I Did It Lyrics

Injury Reserve – Look Mama I Did It Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ritchie with a T]
Damn, look, Mama—I did it
This the same boy that was dancing in your kitchen
And in the backseat singing, that’s tradition
We knew that whole Jill Scott down to transitions
Mother’s Day card “Hey Mama” lyrics within it
Got you the pink kicks with the pink ribbon
I want to scream so loud for you
Can you hear it?
Cause I’m so damn proud of you
Can you feel it
A year ago selling shoes trying to get commission
Now making records for the kids that need a vision
Cause I just found some friends that were also sick of wishing
And we cooped up in a dentist office
History was written
Look, Dad—I did it
Yup, look, Dad—I did it
This the same boy that was dancing in your kitchen
And in the back seat singing, that’s tradition
It sucks it took you passing to get me close to my sisters
And my little brother not close enough I admit it
Just sucks when I’m at your funeral and no one know I existed
And I'm the one with your name man, isn't that twisted?
But I ain’t really tripping, man, that’s family business
Had the same outfit on I graduated in
Cause I heard you were fighting the doctors
And they still made you miss it
And that was down to the shoes
The Stealth Foams, my favorite
Third and last time will be at my first Grammy nomination
Like, look, Dad—I made it
Yup, look, Dad—I made it
This the same boy that was dancing on the pavement
The same kid that was at that hospital waiting
The same kid that ain’t going to stop ’til I’m the greatest

[Verse 2: Steppa J. Groggs]
Back against the wall and we came out swinging
This beat is so beautiful I should of came out singing
People kept on doubting so I kept on dreaming
All these doors are opening up and me and them team in
Was dealt a bad hand from the go
But my momma saved my life
Could have got left in the ‘Go
Forget participation trophies man I want the gold
Tasted a little bit success and hell yeah I want more
Trying to be a healthier man for my mini me
Feeling like Luther now, man I miss the skinny me
I don’t ever do much, I guess it’s never too much
Nate hitting y’all with the hooks, man, he’s too clutch
P is the hottest in the game, plus that man that cold
And I’m living proof that you’re never too old
Kids looking up to me now—no pressure
Not a role model but I’ll appreciate your gestures
Don’t expect shit given you know you got to take it
Either that or you got to fake it until you make it
That must mean we got it cause we haven’t faked shit
Nobody in our lane cause we’re constantly repaving
Like, look, Mama—I make it—look, Mama—I made it
Doing all these shows and got the whole room singing
I’m telling ya’ll this is what victory sounds like
And I’ll be damned if this don’t get the crowd hype
Thanks to every fan who’s shared our shit or bought some merch
Never thought I’d see my face on someone’s shirt
Y’all the reason Imma go hard until it hurts
Took you to the Dentist Office, now we took you to church

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