Initial Ge - Freestyle lyrics
[Intro:] yo yo yo (chika chika) yo
When a spit these lyrics a hit a hit the spot right on the dot like ya mums G-spot ya dick an a lick it corres it perfectly so good it's like a trick an you aint gonna miss it cus you were there when it split matter of dude you notice that these lyrics are explicit that's why a say it to ya face right here makin sure that you hear it fear it or not yes beware next time of askin me for a battle look at you tryin to battle with haven't you forgot it's initial ge people now let me hear you say (Whaat) cus here the person whos gonna be gob smacked lyrically wacked d ya agree with are you with me or not d ya agree with so then a can tell ya the plot what we can do with this person shall we fuck him up just like a gun shot (*gun shot noises*) shot a feel like ma life has just been shot people are dissin me ignorin an not talkin to me what the fuck have a done wrong to deserve this am just rapping why do you have to bring prejudice into this.
This is fr fr this fr fr chika chika chika fr fr freestyle
This is fr fr this fr fr chika chika chika fr fr freestyle
[Verse 2:]
Listen to this carfully beware cus a can diss just like you apart from when a diss a don't miss a trick with you a completely rip an own an leave you blown right through yo yo so listen you two not naming any indivisual but you know am talkin to you am not dissin or sayin bad about you am just sayin how it is but ya see that's the problem in it people can't handle the truth when there thrown with it because they just get all shirty an shitty an try to hit but if you can't handle the truth then ya liein to yourself if that's the case then listen to these explicit hit it own it in it lyrics that are with it to get ya with it an down to the limit on earth now are you with cus if that don't work then see ya later... In A minute!
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Freestyle Lyrics

Initial Ge – Freestyle Lyrics

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