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The Last Incantation Lyrics

Iniquity – The Last Incantation Lyrics

[Lyrics: Fagerlind]

A sorcerous existence aloft times innuendo
Erect on pinnacled powers crescendo
Endowed with longing for immemorial allure
A nigh-forgotten vestal grace bestowed death premature

In the despondency of my craft absolute
I'll claim her back from 'neath cypress root
And venture descent down gulfs of crepuscular depths
Traversed, but by souls cursed, hellbound and unwept

By blood offering and commune ith the render of veils
Revealed was the dire path that leads on though the hells
Armed with resolve and hexian tools of the trade
A lone figure transcended the threshold of this stygian arcade

He endured tribulations of deathfiends vexed
Journey to ill-omened bottom ordealic perplexed
But at last his abysmal course took an end
In a place angels fear tread and legend portend

Cacophined by etheric familiars croon
Ensnared and absolved through blazing rune
Divulgations of necromantic revelations stargazed
Thundered the towering domes of charnel caves

With wizards shrewd, guile and cunning
Encircled by bloodsourced philtres bubbling
Amidst pentacular conjured preserve
Fabric of sepulchral reality was curved

Exempt from soil by cryptic verse
From death's repose a spectral Venus stirs
As a blaze born on Hadean night
With skin of graven marble and eyes bright lazurite

A vision returned from beyond the grave
To an abandoned soul which longing gave
A geas to a realm unshoned by Praesepe
For here to reside forever in phantom shaded matrimony
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