Flesh is ripped apart
From the chemicals in the air
Severed bodies torsos chopped in half
Waste the earth of it's inhabitants
Unfit habitat civilizations collapse
Earth in ruins we begin to mourn
This Armageddon has no end
Radiation falls from the sky
Seep through your pores into your body
Suffocation by gases and smoke
Choking the life out of mankind
Life desintegrates
Petrified expressions of horror
Rigor mortis in a premature state
In just a few moments proceeded by death
Anger embraces me as I fall from grace
Nations collide in a race to modify
A world under one rule immediate genocide
Humans Put to a test to see if we'll co-exist
Stubborn leaders persist to
Dominate each other in war
They found a brain to eviscerate
Soul by soul inhale the essence
Growing stronger with our hatred
Summoning in greater numbers
To defy our true alien world
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Disinhabit Lyrics

Infliction – Disinhabit Lyrics