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Pot's A Herb Lyrics

Infinity Solstice – Pot's A Herb Lyrics

Pot's an Herb
Infinity Solstice

Why criminalise youth' What can that be worth'
But jail them for a toke; selling seeds, that's a joke -- Emery

Pre Chorus

We got more cells in our prisons
We got innocent victims
We got gutless politicians


Pot's an herb, it's not a drug
It grows in my garden
Pot's an herb, it's not a drug
It grows in my garden, in my garden

Thirty years I smoked pot, and I'm not going to stop
It's not like pot's a surprise, it's time to legalise, legalise

Pre Chorus Two

Parliament is in sight
Baby boomers get it right
Show you have political might

Repeat Chorus twice

Baby boomers heed this call, even your heroes take a fall
Eight gold medals do not lie; does Michael swim when he's high, I've been

Pre Chorus Three

Break pot out of prison
Stand up, politician
Free innocent victims

Repeat Chorus twice
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