No more war; no more wrath
No more pain; no more lies
No more tears; no more rhymes
No more illnesses; no more secrets... Darkness

When all in your life is "heads or tails"
And laurel leaves... And bamboo shoots
Every single soul looks for a better life to thrive
The tritest superstitions make the best attitude

You're afraid of the unknown
Kneeling on the beach after the fireworks show
(You) Pick a handful of sand and let it loose into the wind

All the grief, like sand, will disappear
Close your eyes and rub those shiny tears
Leave the hopelessness behind,
Ask for guarantees
Giving a crawling, but crowning touch!

The waves are coming
A new year's calling
Hold up your hands and dance,
Delight; Thank for life
The future smells like smiles
When all souls wear this white perfume
Like stars, the millions of prayers falling

A lifetime healing
The best 10 seconds of the day

A whole new year
The last 10 seconds show the way
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The Best 10s Lyrics

Indigofera – The Best 10s Lyrics

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