Words and Music by
Tony Wood and Brian Petak

Wisdom and majesty, power and glory be
Unto Your holy name
Now and forevermore

[Chorus 1]
O, God who spoke creation
Whose word has formed all things
We praise You
O, God who reigns forever
Immortal King of kings
We praise You
You dwell in holy light
You rule with power and might
Heaven and earth unite to
Praise You
Before Your throne of glory
Angelic anthems soar
We praise You

[Chorus 2:]
This world of endless wonder
Stands to applaud and thunder
Praise You
O, God we bow before You
And in Your awesome presence
Praise You
For You alone are worthy
Our hearts with fear and reverence
Praise You
O, sovereign Lord You reign
The universe proclaims
The splendor of Your name
We praise You
With saints who’ve gone before us
Our spirits shout in chorus
Praise You
With Highest adoration
This is our declaration
Praise You

Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord, God Almighty
The whole earth is full of His glory
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Praise You Lyrics

Indiana Bible College – Praise You Lyrics